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Merlin's Magic is great!

I ordered some Merlin's Magic to use with some molds I had purchased for a hobby project. I needed something that was easy to work with and that I...

Great Product

Merlin's Magic is a great product for doing casts. My order was shipped promptly and arrived earlier than expected. If you're doing hobby casts I...

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The Chieftain Sword

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  • Model: AA0101045


By the end of the 15th and beginning of the 16th C the great warsword found a new expression and form in the Scottish highlands. This period saw the beginning of the great scottish Claymore whose character and unique nimbus is ever associated with the indomitable spirit of the Highland warriors. On depictions on grave slabs from the western highlands we can see its unique features already established from the beginning: a blade with little profile taper mounted with a rather long grip and the sloping guard ending with quatrefoil decorations. The Highland warsword was usually of slightly smaller dimension than its continental cousin the great two-hander of the late 16th C. A claymore is still a very impresive weapon that is frequently mounted on a good quality blade of German manufacture. We have based our version of this early 16th C style Claymore on the XIIIa blade developed for our XIIIa war sword the Duke. The balance and heft will be very similar between these two swords. The Chieftain will have a slightly longer grip than the Duke to follow the example of historical originals and period depictions in art. The result is a sword of dominating visual apearance. This visual impact follows through in the handling: a strong authority combined with a smooth control of edge and point. Special care has been taken so that the blade have the same careful distribution of weight and crisp definition as can be observed in the most well preserved originals. The type XIIIa blade need not be a clumsy cousin of the somewhat slimmer XIIa warswords as the broader point is lightened by a more acute distal taper in the outer part of the blade. The XIIIa blade that is the basis for the Chieftain and the Duke has a heft that belies its weight yielding responsive control and effortless handling. Becasue of its long grip and large blade two handed use is probably most natural even though the balance allows it to be wielded in one hand. The blade is made from a highly defined blade blank of 1075 steel that is hand-ground to a fine satin finish. Careful individual heat-treated in the Albion Forge Shop results in an ideal combination of edge holding and resilience. These swords will be sold sharp unless otherwise requested by the customer. The grip is of stabilized birch wrapped with cord and covered with the highest grade vegetable-tanned calfskin. Specifications Total length: 46"(117 cm) Blade length: 36"(91.5 cm) Blade width at base: 2.17"(5.5 cm) Approximate weight: 3.53 lbs (1.6 kilos) Measurements approximate and subject to adjustments during development. This sword is offered in a limited edition of 100 swords worldwide.


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Ordered dresses for my bridesmaids for my wedding and they were very helpful and items arrived without any problems. Thank You Swords of Honor.
Susan P.