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Merlin's Magic is great!

I ordered some Merlin's Magic to use with some molds I had purchased for a hobby project. I needed something that was easy to work with and that I...

Great Product

Merlin's Magic is a great product for doing casts. My order was shipped promptly and arrived earlier than expected. If you're doing hobby casts I...

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Main Gauche - Wood Grip (matches SH1024)

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  • Model: HW0104003


In 17th century Europe . the Rapier was often used in resolving gentlemanly disagreements and was further an important part of a gentleman's education. Our Renaissance-style Swept Hilt Rapiers find its origins in this time period. Although the blade originated in blade making centers such as Toledo or Solingen . local manufacturers of hilts finished the work thus resulting in a number of styling and hilt materials.

The Main Gauche is also known as the left hand dagger and was commonly used with the rapier. This combination provided extra strategical options in both offense and defense. The popular European "Schools of Fence" taught the use of this two weapon technique. Often . the Main Gauche would match the style of the rapier while still featuring aspects which maximized its own effectiveness.

Contemporary models provide better lighter and better balanced pieces due to a a redesign of the swept-hilt rapiers and their attendant main gauches. An authentic feel is provided with the hilts which are now the same size as the museum pieces. The entire collection of rapier and main gauche blades are interchangeable with the"Practical"blades (OH2255 - rapier OH2256 - Main Gauche). These have been designed for safety in rapier sparring. Thus . the user has a wide array of swept hilt styles to choose from with both live and "Practical blades." A replacement live blade is also available (OH2327).


* Historic styling
* Perfect balance


Blade length: 11"
Overall length: 16 5/8"
Weight: 9oz


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UPS just delivered my boots. Thank you for responding in a timely manner. (the boots are really comfortable)
Ken S.