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Merlin's Magic is a great product for doing casts. My order was shipped promptly and arrived earlier than expected. If you're doing hobby casts I...

Merlin's Magic is great!

I ordered some Merlin's Magic to use with some molds I had purchased for a hobby project. I needed something that was easy to work with and that I...

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Flame of Angels Sword


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  • Model: IW0101024


The Flame of Angels -

Designed by Adam Sharp winner of the AoV sword design competition early 2007. This is no ordinary fantasy sword. It is fully functional forged high carbon spring steel by Legacy Arms (Generation 2) Armory.

This sword is hand forged by Legacy Arms (formerly known as Generation 2). The blade is razor sharp and has a full tang. The fittings are solid steel and the pommel is peened. A wooden scabbard covered in leather is included.

Blade Length: 36"
Handle Length: 11 15/16"
Grip Length: 8 1/4"
Weight: 3 lbs. 7 oz.
POB: 3 1/4" Below Hilt

Now a little about the design of this sword....... The original design came about as part of an heirloom set of armor and sword for a character of mine named Archeantus . who was a temple guardian. That's about all the resemblance the original story had to the one I submitted for the AoV contest. And because I had lost the original drawings at the time . a quick tracing of a quick re-sketch was all I sent in along with a hastily written story that is far more dense than I'd like it to be(Though I still feared it to be too long for some - I was sweating the whole time). Regarding the design . I don't know what I was thinking with the re-sketch - there are a bunch of things I thought about after sending in the drawing with the new story that I would've liked to have changed. Fortunately . after the contest . I was given the chance to make a quick redesign into what was to be the 3rd and most detailed sketch of the Flame of Angels.

Now a little bit of the story................
Already the smell of blood and gore filled the air as Arvizu and the other Templar Captains led their troops to the fore of the Temple. As they exited the front gate to meet their enemy Arvizu saw other paladins fighting throughout the city. There were a dozen or so Chargers (paladin cavalry with celestial mounts) and at least a full contingent of Hospitalers (paladins sword to heal and convert the people) out leading the remainder of the troops in full battle. A loud and guttural roar caught the Templars' attention. They looked to see the worst of those mutilated undead and demonic beings that had been set against them - ready to charge. Arvizu drew his sword . and his squad and the rest of his company did likewise. And their swords soon met the claws . scales . and teeth of the aberrations in full battle.

At first the Templar and their Paladins did very well - the two full first lines of enemies died within seconds of their charge. But they were not so foolish as to rush their most dangerous kin off first. With each wave . the battle was joined by even worse creatures - each more grotesque than the last. Arvizu began to hear the screams of his comrades amidst the roars and cries of the hellspawn they now faced. He could not count the number of times his blade bit deeply into the flesh of the creatures he fought......


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Ordered dresses for my bridesmaids for my wedding and they were very helpful and items arrived without any problems. Thank You Swords of Honor.
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