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Merlin's Magic is great!

I ordered some Merlin's Magic to use with some molds I had purchased for a hobby project. I needed something that was easy to work with and that I...

Very Pleased

I just received my coat. Its fantastic, and I'm very pleased with it. I wanted to take the time to again to thank you for all your assistance...

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Gothic Suit Of Armour

$1,949.00  $1,890.53
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  • Model: GD0201001


18 Gauge Steel

Fully articulated

Wooden base and stand included

Catalog Description: A fully articulated and wearable full-harness in the German"Gothic"style of the late 15th century. Armour of this type is generally sleeker fitting and less rounded than"Milanese"armour of the same period with many parts terminating into a point giving the armour a"spiky"appearance. The ridged radiating patterns embossed on the breastplate cuisses (thigh guards) and the pauldrons (shoulder guards) and the fluted gauntlets are also typical features of armour made in southern Germany during this period. The ridges and fluting are not only aesthetically pleasing but were believed to increase strength and resistance to blows without adding extra weight. The combination of a sallet helm and bevor again typical of the Gothic style would have provided excellent protection for the head and throat but would have limited the field of vision of the wearer.

This armor comes with:
1 Wooden display stand
1 Sallet Helmet and 1 Bevor 14G Large
1 Breastplate and 1 Backplate w/lames 18G
2 Pauldrons (shoulder guards) 18G
2 Revebrace (upper arms) 18G
2 Vambrace (forearms) 18G
2 Gauntlets (hands) 18G
2 Cuisses (thigh guards) 18G
2 Poleyn (knee caps) 18G
2 Greaves (shin guards) 18G
2 Sabatons (foot guard) 18G

Shipping costs are based on the freight company that delivers your suit of armor not on the UPS fee you choose in the shopping cart. Because these are special order items you will be charged when you confirm the order. Cancellation fees will be determined by cost incurred to us; including but not limited to: Freight Set up fees for custom work restocking fees etc. So please be sure you've chosen just the right knight for your collection. Suits of armor and special order items are not eligible for return or exchange once received in good condition.


Customer Testimonials

I ordered a Zatoichi Samurai Sword and when it arrived i noticed the box had been damaged. After opening it, I found out that the sword had a 'ding' in it and was slightly bent. I called Swords of Honor and they immediately issued a call tag for UPS to come pick it up and sent me a new one (which arrived perfectly).
Travis K