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I just wanted to say that the Merlin's Magic I ordered came swiftly, and was well packaged. In addition, whomever took the time to draw the...

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Merlin's Magic is a great product and Swords of Honor was able to deliver it to me faster than I expected! I thought I was going to go the weekend...

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Bushido Tanto Japanese Samurai Knife

$700.00  $679.00
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  • Model: HW0104036


Each sword of the Bushido group (SH1210 . SH1211 . & SH1212) features a hand-forged and folded ASSAB_K120C power steel blade differentially tempered to produce an HRC60 edge HRC40 back . The hamon or temper line is obvious and the hada or grain pattern displays prominent layers. The saya are beautifully varnished in gold and feature inlaid brass cherry blossoms or sakura. The tsuka of the Katana and Wakizashi uses top-notch ray skin. However . the tsuka of the Tanto features gold-plated brass with a battle-scene decorative relief. The tsuba of the Katana and Wakizashi versions is made of blackened and bronzed iron and features gold and silver detailing along with an intricate battle scene decoration. Quality Japanese cotton is used to make the tsuka-ito on the Katana and Wakizashi and the sageo on all three pieces. Blackened bronze and brass detailing is used on the fuchi and kashira. Beautiful polished horn is used for the kojira . koiguchi and kurigate. The one-piece blade collar or habaki is made of brass. The Katana and Wakizashi feature a groove-less blade while the Tanto features a blade grooved (bo-hi) on both sides. The Katana and Wakizashi have medium length (chu) kissaki. See Models SH1211 and SH1210 for the Wakizashi and Katana details.

Hand forged and folded steel blade
High quality
Traditional construction

Blade length: 9 1/2"
Handle length: 4 1/4"
Product width: 1.04
Overall length: 14 1/2"
Weight: 11oz
Box height: 17 1/2"
Box width: 4 1/2"
Thickness: .260


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UPS just delivered my boots. Thank you for responding in a timely manner. (the boots are really comfortable)
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