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Thank you. Swords of Honor went above and beyond to get me the backsword basket hilts I had ordered. Thank you for all of your efforts, staff at...

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Merlin's Magic is a great product for doing casts. My order was shipped promptly and arrived earlier than expected. If you're doing hobby casts I...

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Tinker War Sword / Great Sword - Sharp

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  • Model: HW0101031


Great Sword of War Sharp designed by Michael `Tinker` Pearce and reproduced by Hanwei to his specifications.

The Great Sword of War is a typical type XIIIa blade with a long wide blade with edges that are nearly parallel and ending in a spatulate tip. These swords were designed and crafted purely as a cutting sword and and were devastatingly effective in slashing attacks from horseback or used two-handed when dismounted. Weighing in at a little less than four pounds it is built to excel on heavy targets. Great swords like this one are found from the 12th century and into the 14th with some examples even appearing in the 15th century as well. The 11"grip provides excellent leverage and static and dynamic balance are to Tinker's demanding standards. The blade is again forged in 5160 and marquenched to HRc50-52 Marquenched to the desired hardness of 50-53 Hrc while the tang is drawn back to the low 30s Hrc. The very end of the tang is threaded to fit a 5mm allen nut recessed into the pommel which allows for dismantling of the hilt assembly for inspection to exchange blades if needed and for anyone wanting to easily customize their grip. Also the Sharp and Blunt blades are interchangeable on all Medieval models. The grips are cord wrapped and leather covered wood and tapered for a comfortable grip. Each sword is supplied with a leather covered wood scabbard with metal throat and chape.

Made by Hanwei.

Key Features:
* 5160 Marquenched Spring Steel
* Dismountable
* Tinker Approved

Overall length:  47 5/8"
Blade length:  35 7/8"
Handle length:   11"
Weight:  3lb 14oz


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I have been a customer of Swords of Honor for many years and each year when i order something each year I feel good knowing that I won't have any problems with my order and if, for some reason I do, they will take care of it for me. A very good company to buy from over the net.
Constantine R.