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Merlin's Magic is a great product for doing casts. My order was shipped promptly and arrived earlier than expected. If you're doing hobby casts I...

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I just received my coat. Its fantastic, and I'm very pleased with it. I wanted to take the time to again to thank you for all your assistance...

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Roving Arrowhead

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  • Model: GD0110006


Roving Head -Size-1.8x1.5"The one arrowhead that does not fit neatly into either the barbed or non- barbed group is the Forked and Roving arrowheads. It was a quite common arrowhead of the medieval period and there is much speculation about their uses. One of most popular theories is that they were used to cut rigging on board ships. This explanation seems unlikely because none were found on the Mary Rose and she was putting out to sea to fight a ship battle. in addition for them to have been used like this the rope would have to be very taut for the arrowhead to cut it also with the arrowhead spinning the chances of it hitting the rope correctly to cut would be unlikely. Another theory is that it was used to shoot out the hind legs of the horses. The idea is that they would be used to cut the tendon and bring the horse down. This is unlikely for the same reasons as the aforementioned rope cutting theory and even more difficult to achieve.

The most realistic uses for these style of arrowhead are: A) In warfare they might be used to shoot at mounts to inflict painful wounds to the horse which might unseat the rider or at least cause confusion. They are more likely to inflict pain because as the arrowhead strikes it would tear flesh unlike a broadhead that creates a clean cut. B) They might also be used for shooting at small game and birds because broader striking area would make it less likely to bury itself in the brush if the archer and should make it easier to hit a smaller target much like bird shot is used in shotguns today.


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UPS just delivered my boots. Thank you for responding in a timely manner. (the boots are really comfortable)
Ken S.